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Upgrade your account to get more queries and following functions to generate more readable and unique spun articles.
If you upgrade to the Ultimate Spin API, you will get human readable spun article fully automatically.

  1. More queries per day.
  2. Upgrade to 5000 words amount per query.
  3. Get more readable and unique spun article with POS analysis, Cloud Thesaurus, Cloud Grammar A.I., Cloud Rules and Cloud Negs Enabled.
  4. Enable Part of Speech analysis.
  5. Enable Cloud Thesaurus.
  6. Enable Cloud Grammar A.I.
  7. Enable Cloud Rules.
  8. Enable Cloud Negs.
  9. Enable ContentHurricane Support to get 100% readable and unqiue spun article at once.
  10. Enable the function to use yourself Thesaurus with the API.
  11. Better and faster Support and Service.
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