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  • If you are a developer, you'd better hard-code the API key in your program, so your users only need to fill in their SpinnerChief account and password in your program to use our spin service.

    If you are just a user who needs to use our spin service in third-party software, normally you just need to fill in your account and password in those programs; there is no need to use the API key. But if the developer asks you to fill in the API key, you can just use this one.

Upgrade your account to get more queries and unlock the following features to get human-readable and unique articles fully automatically.

  1. More queries per day.
  2. Upgrade to 5000 words amount per query.
  3. With POS Analysis and Cloud Thesaurus enabled, you can get human-readable and unique articles.
  4. Enable Part of Speech analysis.
  5. Enable Cloud Thesaurus.
  6. Enable the feature to use your own thesaurus with the API.
  7. Better and faster SUPPORT & SERVICE.
  8. More features that are not listed here.
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